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The long-term goal of the NIDA Core Center of Excellence in Omics, Systems Genetics, and the Addictome is to empower current and future researchers supported by NIDA and NIAAA to analyze the interwoven roles of genetic, epigenetic and environmental variation on drug abuse risk, relapse, and treatment. Read more

Rat Genome

mRatBN7.2 is the latest rat Reference genome
Get mRatBN7.2 fasta files from NCBI, Ensembl, UCSC, or GRC.
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Transitioning to mRatBN7.2
Known issue of mRatBN7.2 under curation by the GRC
Genomic data for inbred strains
  • Whole genome sequencing data from SRA (to be added)
  • Unpublished linked-read data (
  • Genomic variants mapped to mRatBN7.2 from [MCW]

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Rat Transcriptome

Gene annotation on mRatBN7.2
Brain transcriptomic data

Rat Epigenome

Data from SRA

Addiction Bibliome